Good PR is worth its weight in gold: it reinforces your brand values and standing, and keeps you at the forefront of your target audiences’ minds.

It can perform a multiple of functions for you, signposting you as a true innovator, always at the cutting-edge of your field, as a great employer and place to work or as the expert in your field with years of experience and the testimonials to prove it. Combine press opportunities with digital media and your brand awareness can go stratospheric!

Creating PR opportunities

PR is all about identifying the best opportunities for you and that’s where Actuate can really make a difference. We can write and distribute your press releases as well as organise and host press receptions, advising you honestly on what will grab the market’s attention to impress and engage your audience and help grow your business.

That’s no mean boast, our track record goes before us: three of our team worked in media in the South West for a number of years. Their combined knowledge and the great relationships they developed across press, radio and television give added benefit and value to our clients.

Our PR capabilities:

  • Developing and implementing media plans
  • Identifying and crafting content for releases
  • Press relations and distribution/ insertion of releases
  • Events

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