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If we had to hedge our bets on just one marketing trend for 2018, what would that be?

Content, content, content…

We say it time and time again, but content is still going to be big in 2018. In fact, it may be even more important this year – 70% of people responded that they’d rather learn about a business by reading an article than looking at an ad*. That’s a win-win situation for most businesses as content marketing is cheaper than running a print-based advertising campaign, quicker to implement and can be updated and changed at any time.

What content works best for you?

Content doesn’t have to be written either – it could be in the form of a blog but equally it could be a video or infographics. But despite the various available options to get your message out there, time may be your greatest enemy – the time to decide on and research your topic, to write/ film/ draw your piece and to get it posted. Perhaps no-one in the team feels confident enough to create your content or you haven’t developed your ‘style’ yet so don’t know how to say what you’ve got to say…

Use an expert at content writing

If that’s the case, working with independent content developers could be your best option: they will be confident writers or visual content providers and be able to interpret your ideas and bolster them with research and conversational text. They will be able to work with you to develop your tone of voice – the way you want to present yourself to others and project your brand and its values. They will also be able to recommend the best platforms to use to get your message out there to the right audience.

New Year, new content

So perhaps a good New Year’s resolution for 2018 would be to make life a little easier and rely on the experts to help you achieve your business goals rather than trying do everything yourself. Why not contact us at Actuate to talk about getting your marketing message out there – we’re sure you’ll be more than content with our content… but perhaps not our bad puns!

*Source – SocialMediaToday
Image – Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash