Social Media

Social media is now an indispensable part of any organisation’s marketing toolbox, capable of communicating your message around the globe in seconds. However, despite its seemingly instant accessibility and ease of use, creating a real splash with the right audience doesn’t always come free, and building your network and creating lasting relationships with your customers takes real know-how, time and energy.

Social media marketing packages

Are you looking for a team that can take the stress out of social media and keeping active in the ever-evolving digital sphere? At Actuate, we offer three social media solutions to help your business enter the world of social media and grow your online following:

Social Media Strategy: We develop your strategy for you to implement in-house

Social Media Strategy Plus Mentoring: Providing ongoing mentoring and support to implement your strategy

Full Social Media Management: Ideal for those without the time and resource in-house, Actuate will manage and implement your social media activity for you across all relevant channels.

Our social media packages can be tailored to your individual needs and budgets, ranging from single channels (be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn) or a mixture of them all. Looking to add extra impact to your social media marketing? We can even create and manage your paid social media campaigns to add real traction to your marketing campaigns.

For help creating, growing or managing your social media marketing, drop us a line today.