Market Research

Do you really know your target market (or just think that you do)? To stand out from the competition and make sure you deliver what your customers really want, you need to understand exactly how, and what, they think. Here’s where market research can help.

Taking the time to talk to your clients and stakeholders can empower you with the right information to make truly informed business decisions. We specialise in qualitative and quantitative market research approaches: identifying potential customer bases, drawing-up survey contents, compiling and analysing data to unravel surprising or enlightening insights and clarifying results to help you make clear, fact-led decisions.

How market research can help your business:

  • Measuring brand awareness
  • Website usability testing
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Understanding your competitors
  • Gathering feedback on existing and proposed products/services
  • Testing marketing messages and platforms

Our market research services and specialisms include:

  • Questionnaires and surveys – postal, online, telephone and street surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews – structured and unstructured
  • Concept testing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Desk research including competitor analysis

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