We’re getting Plymouth Market more social...

Most people in Plymouth know and love the iconic Plymouth Market, located in the city’s West End but did you know there were over 140 stalls, cafes and eateries all under its one very big roof?

Social media for the win

Social media has been a big win for Plymouth Market, as a destination, with a healthy, growing following but a key goal is to get all the individual businesses within the Market to increase their activity on channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to communicate the venue’s great offering to a wider audience.

Social media workshop training

Actuate has been working with the Market team to get those 140 businesses to do just that and we have just delivered a series of social media workshops.

Actuate created a bespoke social media training workshop that gives existing users the know-how to make their social media more strategic, giving them the confidence that their posts will get better traction and put their businesses in the customer spotlight.

Insights and Analytics – fascinating stuff!

Many Facebook users never darken the doors of the visually daunting Insights pages, but they are a goldmine of unbelievably useful information on your customer base. The Actuate workshop took attendees through the benefits of tuning into their Insights to create more targeted, ‘clever’ messaging from the best times to post photos, to the best taglines to get more CTRs (click through rates).

Social media dos and don’ts

The Actuate workshop covered the dos and don’ts of social media such as the benefits of making your posts more visual, fun and engaging but also covered off some of the less frequently discussed issues such as how to deal with negativity which can, very quickly, impact badly on your page. All this, and more fabulous insights from Actuate’s social media experts.

Need some assistance with your own Social Media?

If you’d like your social media to pack more punch, why not get in touch with us? Whether you’d like to increase your working knowledge or let someone else handle the hard work for you, Actuate has (most) of the answers… as well as social media we cover all aspects of marketing including research, developing your strategy, content creation and planning your campaigns.

Get social with us onTwitter, or email us at info@actuatemarketing.co.uk or if you prefer to talk to us, just call 01752 511579 for a no-obligation, jargon-free chat.