Three things to ask your potential marketing agency…

Have you finally reached the point where you’ve no time to create your own social media content? Perhaps your existing in-house marketing team or marketing manager needs some additional support to gain better traction on your brand awareness?

Looking at working with a marketing agency can be a cost-effective option; it brings fresh ideas, new ways of looking at your brand and its offering, and expertise across a wide range of different skills including copywriting, digital marketing, website creation and management. But how do you ensure you get the best fit for you and your budget?

Questions you should ask a marketing company before working with them

Who will work on my account?

It’s a fair question – which covers a myriad of things.

It’s not just about seniority or experience. Good work and good fit go hand in hand together – so you need to be happy that your account manager gets your business and will have the enthusiasm and passion to get to grips with what you do and how your market works.

Is there a spark – do you all get on? If you don’t gel, working on campaigns and against tight deadlines can get fraught and seem more like a chore than team working.

You have your account manager but who else will support your account? Will you have access to a skilled copywriter, an SEO expert, a social media guru, a marketing strategist?

Will you see and speak to someone different every time – continuity is key when delivering a marketing plan or a specific campaign – you’ll want to know that your contact is up to speed with everything you’re doing.

How will your marketing company get on board with your business?

Ask your potential marketing consultancy how they will get acquainted with your business and what they will want do to define your marketing strategy and set up your marketing plan.

Make time for your agency to get to know you, your competitors and your target market; don’t stint on this hugely important period. Actuate usually sets up a workshop in their Plymouth offices at the start of a relationship with a new client; it’s a great way to really get to the heart of a business, to get to know the client and their goals for their brand.

How will you know what your new marketing resource is delivering?

Ask your marketing agency what key performance indicators they will use to show progress, to identify what does/ doesn’t work and to inform future marketing plans. For digital clients Actuate produces monthly analytics reports which focus on the key outcomes that can then be used to shape future outputs.

Actuate also uses a marketing automation platform for some clients to drive even better, more qualified leads through their inbound marketing processes, for a higher conversion to leads and optimised marketing spend.

The first step is to communicate with your marketing communications agency so why not drop Actuate an email, pick up the phone for a chat or if you’re in Plymouth, drop in and see us. There’s always a brew in the pot!