Anyone can write marketing content…

Whilst most people can jot down a few words about what their business does, whether that actually means anything to anyone outside the company or shows the company in its best light, is debatable. When it comes to writing about your own organisation, often you are so entrenched and focused on it, it’s difficult to pull out the key points of interest to your target market.

Getting your marketing copy written professionally

A professional marketing communications agency will want to understand all about your business and what your messaging goal is before they write any text so their output will be clear, focused and not presuppose your readership has an existing knowledge of what you are all about. Good copy isn’t about volume, it’s about relevance, information, readability and ranking.

Well-written marketing copy with no typos

Text with impact needs to flow, with a clear beginning, middle and end… and, of course, have no spelling mistakes. It needs to reflect your brand and to adopt the right tone for the intended market and use language that they will buy in to, without overuse of jargon or unnecessary technical terms.
People are time-poor; they don’t want to read an epic, just short, to-the-point information that’s of interest or will benefit them. Using a professional copywriter can help you achieve this; they will focus on what’s relevant and meaningful, and leave out the waffle.

Maximising the digital optimisation of your words

What are your keywords? Is your content set for SEO? Is your website search engine friendly? Who are your online competitors, what are they doing, could you do it better?

If any of the above ring any bells (alarm or otherwise) you definitely need professional website copywriting help for your online presence, as your website is more than likely under-performing and you’re losing out on customers and revenue.

Speak to a marketing company with digital experience; they will run analysis tools to see how your site is performing and how well it ranks. They can then build on this to drive traffic and increase awareness of your site, and the products or services it offers.

From defining your keywords to building them in to good, interesting, relevant prose that directly targets your market, through to providing a regular performance update and refreshing text where necessary, getting your content written and optimised by a professional marketing communications agency can help your online presence become truly functional and to stand out from the crowd.

Actuate Marketing can provide great content, both for digital or print use, fully compatible for use on the medium intended. We like words here, so putting together a keywords list and then working them in to content appropriately and smoothly is our kind of challenge.